Gas Chromatography

Gas chromatography (GC) serves as a sophisticated analytical method tailored to separate and analyze volatile and semi-volatile compounds within complex mixtures. Its versatility extends to identifying constituents within liquid blends and precisely quantifying their concentrations. Moreover, GC stands as a pivotal tool for the isolation and purification of mixture components across a broad spectrum of industries, encompassing environmental, agricultural, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Utilizing chromatography techniques, we address diverse analytical needs, including assessing drug purity, food quality, pesticide content, and an array of other sample types. The process hinges on a finely orchestrated interplay between a carrier gas, designated as the mobile phase, and a stationary phase comprising a minute layer of liquid or polymer meticulously deposited on an inert support housed within a column.

The extensive repertoire of GC detectors at our disposal, coupled with our seasoned expertise, ensures the delivery of high-caliber analytical services. Our encounters with an assortment of unique samples underscore our ability to navigate unconventional testing requirements or specifications adeptly.

Should uncertainty shroud the selection of the appropriate test or instrumentation for your sample analysis, we encourage you to reach out. Rest assured, we stand ready to tailor our analytical approach to align precisely with your preferences and specifications.

We use them for

  • Identifying chemicals
  • Detecting the presence of contamination
  • Determination of the quantities of chemicals in a product (assay)
  • Quality Control
  • Ensuring the product meets specifications
  • Deformulation

Applicable sample matrices