Contract Manufacturing

Our medicinal chemistry Laboratories are fully equipped to perform process chemistry, library synthesis and any custom synthesis of building blocks, scaffolds, SAR and in vivo compounds, APIs, metabolites, reference compounds.
The highly skilled and competent scientists are capable of designing new synthetic methodologies for your desired compound and generate your own IP. Our chemists are accustomed to handling the most difficult synthesis challenges.
We offer cost-effective solutions to meet your research, development and production needs. This means flexible project management services that include contract-based projects and full-time equivalent chemists. In order to achieve the most cost-effective and sound route to your project’s success, we offer services of chemists fully dedicated to your project or a fee for each project. In either way, we will work in a timely and efficient manner to ensure you can meet your important project deadlines.
Our facilities are capable of manufacturing all of the following classes of organic, organometallic and inorganic compounds.

Applicable sample matrices

We can customize a wide range of industrial products including construction materials, sanitization and beauty products and chemicals. The products can be formulated according to the customer’s requirements. The list of products includes

We also provide filling and packaging of your products. The formulated products will be delivered in desired size containers and packages. In our facility, we can fill any liquid of any viscosity to a given weight or volume accurately. Our high standard filling and packaging will meet the customer’s requirements with properly sealing the containers, preventing the product from any kind of contamination. The labels will be properly installed onto the containers. The filling products include but not limited to liquid drugs or chemicals, construction materials including paints and oils, consumer goods, such as shampoos, body wash or any kind of liquid beauty products.